Ceramic Paint Protection


What You'll Get

Before a ceramic coating can be applied, the paint must be prepared for it to accept the coating, therefore a single stage paint correction will be included as standard. CarPro CQuartz UK3.0 is the ceramic coat of choice with a durability of 2-3 years.

Other Benefits:

  • Extreme Gloss!
  • Scratch Resistance
  • Hydrophobicity: water will be repelled
  • Self-Cleaning: water, dust, dirt debris is naturally repelled making it easier to wash the vehicle!
  • Durability: for years depending on the ceramic coat (with maintenance)

prices (includes gst)

Small Vehicles (hatches, sedans etc.)
e.g. VW Golf, Audi RS3, Toyota Camry

One-Step: $980
Two-Step: $1380
Three-Step: $1780

Medium Vehicles (medium SUVs etc.)
e.g. Audi Q3, Toyota RAV4 etc.

One-Step: $1180
Two-Step: $1580
Three-Step: $1980

Large Vehicles (large SUVs, 4x4 etc.)
e.g. Toyota Kluger, Hilux, Ford Ranger

One-Step: $1380
Two-Step: $1780
Three-Step: $2180

add ons

  • Ceramic Coat (5 year rated) +$350
  • Window Water Repellent Coating +$40
  • Black Plastic Trim Restoration +$60
  • Engine Bay Detail +$80
  • Headlight Restoration +$80
  • Wheel Ceramic Coat (wheel face) $+$180
  • Wheel Ceramic Coat (wheel face + inner barrel +$350


All-In-One Step Polish
An AIO service aims to remove some of the imperfections in the paint while also adding a layer of protection at the same time. Hence the name all-in-one. 

This would be considered more of a paint-enhancement and not a full-on paint correction. Typically this service doesn’t take too long compared to your paint correction. 

You’re going for an overall improvement but still being very budget friendly. That being said, there’s been times where I’ve been completely surprised at how much of an improvement was made with an AIO service.

One-Step Polish
A single pass of polish to boost clarity and gloss. This One-Step polish will remove more imperfections than your AIO service, but not as much as your full-on two-step paint correction will do.

This is a happy medium. This one-step polish can remove up to 80-90% of imperfections depending on the condition, but it is very possible.

Some detailers refer to this as polishing and not paint correction. Regardless, a one-step polish is removing more imperfections in the paint than your AIO service, but maybe not as much as what your full-on two-step paint correction will do.

This is a happy medium. There’s plenty of times where you can remove 80 to 90% of all the imperfection in the paint with a one-step polish. It depends on the condition, but it is very possible.   Once you’ve polished the entire vehicle, you would then apply your wax/ sealant for added shine and protection. You could even go into a ceramic coating from here depending on the condition.

Two-Step Paint Correction
A two-step paint correction (aka cut & polish) involves an initial compound polish to remove 80%+ of the swirls and scratches from the paint. Then I’d follow it up with the polishing step to bring out the maximum shine, clarity, and gloss.

Then I’d follow it up by adding the wax/sealant/ceramic coating to the almost perfect paint finish. This is a very time-extensive and labor-intensive job. Most of these jobs will be at a minimum of 8 hours to complete. The larger the car, the more time it’ll take. A 14+ hour paint correction is very common.

Three Stage Paint Correction
After the two-step paint correction, this third step is called “jeweling”. This third polish is to squeeze every single last bit of gloss out of the car. This is not necessary for daily driven cars, and yes the price would be a lot higher and the average customer would not ask for this as it is very time consuming and labour intensive. But if you consider your car as a garage queen, a car enthusiast or own a show car, then this is something you can also consider.

With proper care and maintenance. Frequent coating top-up spray will help keep the ceramic coat be in its optimal condition and maintenance washes to minimise contaminant build up on the ceramic coat.

Unfortunately the answer is no. A ceramic coat is not a magic, impenetrable armour to your vehicle’s paintwork. Fortunately, it is more scratch RESISTANT than your car’s clear coat which minimises scratches/swirls, etchings etc. 

The answer is no. It takes at least 48 hours for the coating to completely cure on your car. During this time, no washing or any water contact is recommended to allow the coating to fully cure.

Before a ceramic coating can be applied, the paint must be prepared to accept the coating, therefore a paint decontamination and paint correction will be included in the package.

The paint must be bare and naked before we can perform paint correction polish. Overtime, iron fallout and contaminants will accumulate and embed on the paint, leaving a “rough & textured” surface. This is not a desirable as the surface should be smooth like glass so that the ceramic coat or any paint protection can adhere to. Iron fallout remover and a clay bar is used to achieve the smooth mirror like surface and to remove contaminants.

On to the next step, Paint Correction is the process of removing paint defects such as swirls, scratches, oxidation, etching, and marring by levelling out your vehicle’s clear coat. The results will leave your vehicle’s paint restored with gloss, depth and clarity. Depending on your vehicle’s paint condition, it is sometimes necessary for it to go through a major correction to remove heavier defects.

After the paint correction process, the paint is now suitable to apply the ceramic coating. 

The total process can take anywhere from 6 to 15+ hours which reflects the price.