Paint Correction

What is paint correction?

Paint Correction is the process of removing paint defects such as swirls, scratches, oxidation, etching, and marring by levelling out your vehicle’s clear coat. The results will leave your vehicle’s paint restored with gloss, depth and clarity. Depending on your vehicle’s paint condition, it is sometimes necessary for it to go through a major correction to remove heavier defects.

What causes paint defects?

Your vehicle’s paint takes a regular beating and only compounding/polishing can help restore it. Some examples that can cause paint defects are:

  • Improper car wash methods
  • Etching from bird droppings/chemicals
  • Brushing up against the vehicle with keys, clothing’s zippers, finger nails
  • Improper paint correction/polishing techniques
  • industrial fallout and/or road grime/tar

The process

Before any compounding or polishing can be done, the paint must be cleansed from any surface-bonded contaminants (bugs & tar, road grime iron contamination). This is achieved with the use of an iron fallout remover and a clay bar. After paint decontamination, the paint will feel smooth like glass and will be ready for the polishing stage.

All sensitive areas susceptible to staining from the compounds/polishes will be taped off. Every vehicle’s paint is different and is receptive to different polishing products and techniques. Therefore it is important to find the right combination of pads and compounds together with the correction execution of technique (fast/slow hand speed, pressure, surface area coverage, temperature of the pad/paint etc.) is critical to produce the desired results.

Choose your correction

All paint correction service will include:

  • Paint Decontamination to remove surface-bonded contaminants (iron fallout, bugs & tar, road grime) 
  • Machine application of long lasting synthetic wax (up to 6 months)

Minor Correction (Single Stage Paint Correction)
A single pass of polish to boost clarity and gloss. Perfect for vehicle’s with light defects.

Major Correction (Two Stage Paint Correction)
A multi-step polish consisting of compounds and polishes to remove as much defect as possible. The major correction is perfect for anyone who is after a close-to-perfection finish (depending on condition) or if your vehicle’s paint is in a poor condition.

Three Stage Paint Correction
Utilises wet sanding, compounding and polishing to get the mirror finish. Suitable for car’s with orange peel or if you want a flawless finish. Prices is dependent on your vehicle’s condition.

Small Vehicles (hatches, sedans etc.)
e.g. VW Golf, Audi RS3, Toyota Camry

Minor Correction $550
Major Correction $800
Upgrade to CQuartz Ceramic Coating +$150

Medium Vehicles (medium SUVs etc.)
e.g. Audi Q3, Toyota RAV4 etc.

Minor Correction $580
Major Correction $830
Upgrade to CQuartz Ceramic Coating +$150

Large Vehicles (large SUVs, 4x4 etc.)
e.g. Toyota Kluger, Hilux, Ford Ranger

Minor Correction $640
Major Correction $890
Upgrade to CQuartz Ceramic Coating +$150

add ons

  • Window Water Repellent Coating +$40
  • Black Plastic Trim Restoration +$60
  • Engine Bay Detail +$80
  • Headlight Restoration +$80
  • Wheel Ceramic Coat (wheel face) $+$180
  • Wheel Ceramic Coat (wheel face + inner barrel +$350


It all depends on your car’s paint condition, your budget and your expectation/goals.

A minor correction may be suitable for:

  • on a budget
  • light coloured vehicles
  • near new condition vehicles
  • light defects present (only light swirls, scratches etc.)

A major correction may be suitable for:

  • dark coloured vehicles (defects is usually more visible to the naked eye on dark coloured vehicles)
  • wanting to achieve close to perfection (depending on vehicle’s paint condition)
  • poor paint condition and need to correct it back to an acceptable/desired expectation

Feel free to contact if you’re still unsure!

By frequently maintaining the paint protection (ceramic coat topper, spray sealant/wax etc.) and with proper washing techniques. Our “Maintenance Wash” service can help you with this!

Ceramic coating is best applied after a paint correction as it locks in the results/paint for years instead of months (like a traditional wax/sealant). It provides a protective barrier to your freshly polished paint, so now is the best time to apply, within your budget of course.

  • Avoid self-serve car wash brushes
  • Use soft wash mitts with at least the two-bucket wash method
  • Regularly perform maintenance washes to avoid contaminant build-up on your freshly polished paint and top-up the paint protection with a spray silica ceramic topper/wax/sealant
  • Avoid drying with a chamois, instead use a quick spray detailer as a drying aid with a soft microfibre drying towel