Pre-Sale Detail

Pre-Sale Detail

The Pre-Sale Detail includes everything in the “Complete Detail” with extras such as:

  • Paint Decontamination
  • Gloss Enhancement Polish
  • Engine Bay Detail
  • Wheel/tyre/wheel well complete detail
  • Door jamb detail & protection
  • Complete exterior wash
  • Bug detail
  • Road tar, sap, bird dropping removal (and all other surface contaminants)
  • Paint Decontamination
  • Gloss Enhancement Polish
  • Engine Bay Detail
  • Long term paint protection (6-8 months)
  • Black trim dressing
  • All rubber, vinyl, and plastic surfaces (door panels, cup holders, dash etc.)
  • Complete interior vacuum
  • Carpet and upholstery shampoo
  • Minor spot/stain treatment
  • Minor pet hair/sand removal
  • Leather cleaning & conditioning
  • Interior glass cleaning

Exterior Options
  • Windscreen & Glass Coating +$80
  • Headlight Restoration +$80
  • Wheel Ceramic Coat (wheel face) +$180
  • Wheel Ceramic Coat (wheel face, inner barrel, calipers) +$350
Interior Options
  • Interior Ceramic Protection (Fabric, Leather, Plastics, Vinyl) +$120
  • Fabric Coat +$40

prices (gst included)

Small Vehicles (hatches, sedans etc.)
e.g. VW Golf, Audi RS3, Toyota Camry

from $420

Medium Vehicles (medium SUVs etc.)
e.g. Audi Q3, Toyota RAV4 etc.

from $460

Large Vehicles (large 7 seater SUVs, 4x4 etc.)
e.g. Toyota Kluger, Hilux, Ford Ranger

from $500

These prices are minimum based on vehicles in average condition. Excessive dirt, stains, pet hair, red dust etc will increase prices from this point.


The Pre-Sale Detail includes everything in the Complete Detail with extras including:

  • Paint Decontamination (iron remover & clay bar paint cleanse) to remove surface bonded comtaminants on the paint to restore sleekness and smoothness
  • Gloss Enhancement Polish to boost gloss and “exfoliate” the paint’s surface
  • Engine Bay Detail

Note: Gloss Enhancement Polish is not to be confused with paint correction, where the gloss enhancement polish, as the name indicates, is to improve gloss but not remove scratches/swirls.

For scratch/swirl removal, please let us know so we can better assist.

Absolutely not as we do not use harsh chemicals. All chemicals are safe and biodegradable within the scope of our work.

At this point in time, no we do not. Your seats is what keeps you and your passengers safe, so we would not want to compromise safety by disconnecting cables/airbags etc.

However depending on the condition of your vehicle, there are some rare cases where it is necessary to remove the seats (e.g. mould infested interior, red dust etc.)

Rest assured our tools allows us to throughly clean the seats and surrounding areas to remove most stains.

Within the realm of possibility, no we cannot remove every stain/mark and make it 100% perfect.

Due to the nature of the stain and the material that the stain is on, some will come off better than others. With our extensive knowledge, tools and products, even with all of our asset, if the stain has been there long enough, it can only be cleaned so much.