Terms & Conditions

Bookings & Payment
All bookings will involve a 20% deposit. All deposits are non-refundable unless you cancel/reschedule within 48 hours of booking. If unexpected weather/circumstance arises that does not allow the detail to commence on the day of appointment, the detail can be rescheduled or a reimbursement in the form of a voucher will be available. After completion of work, the remaining balance must be paid prior to the operator leaving the job site/vehicle. Payment can only be made via cash at this point in time. If the customer decides to cancel or change their mind, no-show, or the detail was unable to be carried out on the day of booking for any reason, the deposit will be forfeited to cover the time and expense lost from Optimum Detailing. 

Mobile Bookings
For all mobile bookings, please ensure that there is:

  • Easy access to water tap supply and an electrical power point
  • Shaded area (e.g. garage) for any polish/paint correction & protection if possible
  • Safe and clean (minimal debris if possible) working area for the detail to be carried out

Vehicle Accessories & Personal Belongings
Vehicle accessories such as seat covers, headlight covers, bonnet guards and interior items/personal belongings must be removed prior to the commencement of work as they can hinder our ability to perform our duties on the vehicle. We will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to these items.

We will not be liable for any oil, grease, brake dust or any form of pollutants that was washed off the customer’s vehicle and that are left on the property that could or may have stained or damaged the driveway in anyway. All products used are biodegradable, pH neutral and tested to ensure that they are safe for the environment. We are not liable for any physical damage done to the customer’s property such as structural damage, that may have occurred while operating a motor vehicle on the property or accidental damage by the operator while using any equipment. Optimum Detailing has sole discretion in determining the liability of any damage that the customer claims to have occurred while work was performed on the vehicle such as scratches, scuffs, dents etc. as they may have been there prior to work commencement while the vehicle was and dirty and they could not be seen.

Interior Condition
Extra fees apply to any interior detail where there is pet hair, excess dirt, red dust, chewing gum, spilled beverages etc. as this will require additional time and/or removal of car seats. We will of course notify you of any additional charges before the commencement of the detail.

Paint Correction & Protection
This applies only to paint correction services. For the best possible results, it is essential to have a clean and shaded working environment. Ideally, a large garage or shaded area will be suffice as paint correction is not recommended to perform in direct sunlight. Should you not have this facility, please answer no* in the following question down below so we can best accommodate your vehicle.

Additionally, if it is determined that your vehicle requires additional work to correct the paint to an acceptable/desired condition, additional fees may incur. We will of course notify you before we commence any work.

Prior to the operator leaving the job site, the client must inspect all work that was carried out. Any issues that needs attention/rectifying after the operator has left the job site will incur an $80.00 call out fee with additional cost regarding further work.

Photographic Release
You hereby consent for us to upload photos and videos which may or may not be used for the purpose of advertising and educational purposes for social media. If you DO NOT wish to have any photos/videos taken, please do not hesitate to let the operator know on the day of your appointment and we will gladly accommodate.